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Moulin de la Roque Moulin de la Roque
Paysage Bandol

Wo are we ?

Families working together with the same values

Moulin de la Roque is the work of a group of winegrowing families united in the same goal; men and women driven by the same love of their work and the land of Bandol. Since the foundation of Moulin de la Roque in 1950, we have worked together in a cooperative and supportive spirit.

Respecting each other’s differences and showing empathy towards our peers enables us to surpass ourselves day after day and vintage after vintage, to offer our customers wines that express the very essence of our region and our appellations.

We share the love of a job well done, our regional identity and culture, our terroirs of Bandol and Côtes-de-Provence and, of course, our pride in our wines. Hospitality, warmth and conviviality are the pillars of our business culture, and every one of our bottles shared is an ambassador of this message.

Boutique Moulin de la Roque - Le Castellet
Boutique Moulin de la Roque - Le Castellet


The tarente or wall gecko is an emblem of our area and our wine region, as well as a symbol of welcome in Provence. By day, this inconspicuous lizard likes to tuck itself away in the warm stones of the hand-built walls that were crafted to shape the vineyard terraces, known locally as “restanques”.

In the vineyard, this gecko is essential to the balance of our ecosystem. At night, it preys on insects that might harm our vines and is thus naturally one of the winegrower’s best allies. In tribute to this true emblem of Provence and the vineyards of Bandol, our logo and labels proudly bear its image.

Moulin de la Roque

Our Story


Foundation of the winery in an old wheat mill which was formerly used for ageing the red wines of nearby cooperative wineries.


Moulin de la Roque becomes a fully independent wine producer, managing all its own processes from vine to bottle.


Winegrowers agree to a common commitment with the signing of the Moulin de la Roque quality policy.


Merger with Cave du Beausset.


Start of our commitment to sustainable development.


Construction of the new site in Le Castellet. The historic site in La Cadière d’Azur is devoted exclusively to harvest reception and vatting.


First organic certified plots harvested.


Opening of a sales outlet at the old Cave du Beausset site.


HVE certification process started.


New identity launched.

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