Sustainable Development

Our commitment

Raisins Moulin de la Roque

In 2007 Moulin de La Roque committed to a sustainable development programme in order to address the new challenges of today’s society. Our efforts have been rewarded with the satisfaction of our clients and members with respect for the environment.

Olivier MAQUART, general manager.

Our environmental approach

Work on a collective approach towards waste treatment of the organization and  partner winegrowers (effluent treatment).

Members are sensitized to the environmental impact of their activity and the importance of waste management.

Vigne et pierres

Members who go organic are provided with support and guidance.

Moulin de La Roque provides guidance for all its producers regarding operations in the vineyard and regulatory compliance:  Certiphyto, correct adjustment of atomizers sessions etc.. are organized.

Integrated viticulture winegrowers

Vignerons en Développement Durable is a quality charter initiated by a group of leading wineries that committed to a strict sustainable development programme comprising 37 specific items.

This thorough, balanced and constantly evolving charter is the only one of its kind in the wine sector and has always been supported by local, national and professional institutions since its creation.

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Vigneron - Moulin de la Roque

A few figures about Vignerons en Dévelopment Durable

16 wineries + 2 converting to organic practices4500 producers20 500 hectares

100 million bottles

Wines exported to 60 different countries